How Did It All Start?

Our coffee-loving director, John Filinski, grew up in a proud Italian household where coffee drinking was an integral part of daily life. The sweet scent and rich flavour of this black liquid that brought people together, creating a sense of community and connection. At Rossetti Coffee, we strive to continue this tradition by providing the finest quality coffee and service to all our customers.

Coffee Drinking as a Culture

As a child, John was fascinated by his family’s coffee-drinking tradition. When people visited, a strange, two-part metal pot would appear. A small amount of water and a heap of ground coffee would be added and everyone would wait for the coffee to seep into the top section of the pot before being served into small cups.

As John grew older, he realised that coffee drinking was a significant part of many people’s lives. This realisation ignited his passion for coffee. At Rossetti Coffee, we strive to continue this tradition.

Our Coffee Philosophy

At Rossetti Coffee, we have taken great care to perfect our coffee so we can provide you with the perfect cup every time. Our love of coffee comes from the old Italian saying, “Miscele, Macchine da Caffè, il Mano” which translates to: “The Coffee blend, The Coffee Machine, and The Hand of the Barista.” We believe that these three elements are essential for creating the perfect cup of espresso.

Our History

John spent 20 years in the coffee business, running and owning numerous train station coffee shops. After tasting just about every big-name coffee brand on the market, he felt compelled to create not his own blend, as he believed there was something lacking in the many commercial brands available. At Rossetti Coffee, we strive to fill that gap by providing a unique and satisfying coffee experience.

Coffee, Africa and Beans

John knew if he really wanted to serve and make delicious coffee, he’d have to go on a quest to find the perfect coffee flavour. So his search for coffee beans began. He first headed to Africa, home to some of the finest coffee beans that money can buy.

The Coffee

John’s journey to find the perfect coffee flavour led him introduced to coffee farmers across Africa. He discovered that Ethiopia’s coffee beans are among the best in the world and are used in bespoke espresso blends. John’s dedication to finding the finest beans and his close ties with coffee farmers have allowed Rossetti Coffee to provide exceptional coffee to our customers.

UK Coffee Roasting

Four years later, after experimenting with one of the UK’s finest coffee roasters, John still wasn’t completely satisfied with their  their roasting techniques, which didn’t match up to those of Italian roasting houses.

Determined to keep his dream alive, John continued his quest for the perfect roast.

To Italy

 It was time to go to Italy, the espresso-drinking capital of the world! to find a roaster. There, he met an old family member and longstanding coffee roaster, who taught him the intricacies of what was required to take his coffee blend to the next level and create the roast he desired.