The Master Roaster

Sandwiched between Naples and Rome, John took himself and his three beans to a small village to meet his close friend, Mario di Baia, who was an out-and-out coffee roasting master. He worked alongside Mario in the Roastery, realising that any good Espresso blend worth its salt needed at least a minimum of 4-7 beans to produce a balanced taste with good acidity, sweetness and a good crema . He hadn’t been using nearly enough beans to create the perfect blend!

The Perfect Blend was Born

Working together with Mario, a few more beans were added to the blend, spanning across other awesome coffee bean regions of the world, which now include Indonesia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, India and South America. It was after the addition of these beans that the first blend of Rossetti Coffee was born. And forms one of a variety of espresso blends that he now produces.


And so, with John’s coffee and the skills of the artisan Master Roaster over in Italy, he knew he had something special to bring back to the UK.