A Lot Goes into Making a Great Cup of Coffee

… The water you extract the coffee with plays an important role. More than 92% of an espresso is water. If the water is wrong, not only will it damage the machine but it’ll also spoil the coffee. In Italy, as in the UK, water quality is different depending on the area.

Getting the Water Right

The water in the UK is great for drinking but not always great for making coffee. UK tap water contains many different substances that are harmless to drink but will spoil coffee. And even worse, different areas have different water types! This is a big problem for coffee making here in the UK. In Italy, baristas understand they need to get water just right; sadly, this is not always true in UK coffee shops.

Coffee Extraction

At the London Coffee Festival, he happened to meet Mr William Hinton from BWT who told him about a remarkable book on the science of water and coffee called ‘Water for Coffee’ by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood & Christopher H Hendon.

The Science of Water and Coffee

With Will’s help, John learnt about the unique BWT range of ion-exchange water treatment cartridges. He showed John how to test water at site so he could select the best cartridge for the best water. Chlorine removal, reduced lime scale risk and enhanced magnesium content gave John the result he needed – magnificent coffee extraction!

The Coffee Blend, the equipment and the Barista

A combination of Rossetti Coffee, superb BWT water filters, Italian-made Fiorenzato Coffee Grinders and Ascaso Coffee Machines were all the ingredients John needed for his delicious Rossetti coffee blend.

We’re proud to offer customers our delectable blend. We bring the taste of Italian espresso to your cup. It really is a coffee blend worthy of any espresso enthusiast.

Get in Touch

For a free demo of Rossetti Coffee being extracted, feel free to give us a call on: 0207 965 7570 or contact us by email.  We can offer free advice on coffee equipment, dialling in techniques and much more. We’d love to hear from you. If you have any coffee extracting problems, John will be more than happy to help you achieve the perfect extraction.